Thursday, October 25, 2007

God Answers Prayer

Last week, I emailed the missionaries who are already working in Uganda. I was curious if they knew exactly what I would be teaching and just wanted to introduce myself and get to know them a little. They replied back so quickly and were SO encouraging.

It looks like I will be teaching language arts and math to second and third graders. It would be difficult for me to have my own class all day because of the national subjects they are required to teach. It is amazing to me how God works - although it shouldn't surprise me because this is ALWAYS how He works. The Education Director said that I am an answer to their prayers because they are losing their language arts teacher, and the school requires this position to be taught by a native English speaker. It is an answer to my prayers because I love this age, and English and math are two of my favorite subjects to teach! God is so faithful!


Lindsay DiBartolomeo said...

Dre, that is so good to hear!!! I miss you so much, but am so excited for what God has planned for you!! I love you so much and can't wait to see you!

Lois said...

Yea!! I haven't checked in here, and I missed this bit of news!! How cool!! To be used in the areas God's gifted you!! That is so good to know!! I'm excited for you! (Are you mentally going through your files to see what to bring?!? :-) )