Saturday, January 19, 2008

I've arrived.....well, at least most of me :)

Thank you so much for your prayers! I have felt every single one of them. I wish I could recount to you all the ways I have sensed God's presence along my flight travels. He has been so gracious and provided in so many ways! I know this is where I am supposed to be.

I am now safely in Uganda and have made it to the Rafiki Village. It is beautiful here! It is more lush and gorgeous than I realized. Thankfully, I have arrived safely, but my luggage has not. I had two suitcases and many connections, so somewhere along the way, they have gotten lost. Please pray that they are quickly located. It seems as though I am already having to learn the African way of flexibility:)

School starts on Monday. So, you can also pray for me as I have a quick orientation of both the village and the school tomorrow. It will be busy! I will keep you updated as I can. Thanks for your comments - they are so encouraging!


karin said...

Oh, luggage is overrated. But think of it this way -- when some guy opens it up looking for some American treasure, he will be in for a rude awakening! (and you and I know why.... :-) Then, that luggage will be on the next plane to Entebbe Airport!

Seriously, you're having a good attitude. It's another opportunity to become like Christ. Sometimes, we have to literally lose everything to follow Christ. I am praying, even now. I love you!!

Stephanie said...

Yeah you made it!! I am praying that your luggage arrives quickly, but you seem like you are doing well! I love you so so much and am praying for you constantly! God has truly made Himself known to all of us through this journey! I miss you sister and cant wait to really talk to you!

Brandi said...

Yeah! We want pictures next!!! I know, can you believe it, I'm not even letting you get settled before being demanding?! So glad it went well. We'll be praying for your next 2 days of settling before school. Praying specifically for relationships and connection!


nancy c said...

Dearest Andrea, So glad you arrived safely!! I will pray for your luggage also!! Can't wait to hear every detail...I love you so much, Love, your aunt, Nancy.

The Stephans Family said...

Hi Miss DiBartolomeo,

We are sorry about your luggage! Maybe you could get crafty and make a dress from the tree leaves - ha! Think of Eve - maybe you could create your own African clothing line. We will be praying for you and your luggage to be reunited. The kids LOVE that they can see regular updates from you. We have you on our desktop. Much Love from The Stephans Family!

AECC said...

My daughter spent the summer working at Rafiki in Nairobi, Kenya back in 2004. She had a wonderful experience and I am sure that you will too. I think it is in her heart to go back.....although she does NOT want to teach. She is currently in nursing school........maybe she will go back for a medical mission some day? Anyway, we are praying for you! What city are you in/or nearby? We have a number of folks from our church who go to Uganda and I hava an uncle who goes once or twice per year!