Saturday, February 2, 2008

Lots more pictures :)

Well, here it is Saturday. I don't know where the time goes. But, I do know that in order to upload pictures I need a good hour. So, here are many pictures from this week. Know that I appreciate you all so much. Thanks for taking the time to stay up with what is going on with me here in Uganda. It is so encouraging! I hope you get a sense of the wonderful place the Lord has me right now.
This is the gate entrance to the Rafiki Village. You can see their logo of the children holding hands at the top. It is very secure here with guards 24 hours a day. There has never been a problem, but we don't want there to be.
This is me with Maggie - one of the missionaries' children. Yes, soon I will get my picture with some African children.
On Tuesday, we had a jump-rope performance. The two mini-missionaries who were here during January taught these children many jump-rope techniques. Here they were showing us.
P.S. This is also the dining hall where we eat.
Sharon, a student in my P-3 class, jumping Double Dutch (is that what it's called?).
The sidewalk I travel every day:)
It was such a beautiful day I could not resist taking pictures. These are all orphan cottages. You can also see some of the play equipment for the children.
The building in the distance is the guest house - where you could stay if you come visit me. Isn't it nice?!? We are looking for doctors to come help with the medical clinics - the next one is in May. We will also need teachers to substitute for a couple of weeks when some of the missionaries are home on furlough. Anyone interested?
The building straight ahead is the primary education building. You can also see the new basketball court they are constructing. The cement was just laid the weekend I arrived. The other two buildings on the left are two of the orphan cottages.
A beautiful tree in front of our primary classroom building. This is where I teach both second and third grade.
I will try to get a better picture one of these days, but here is Alice - now in first grade - playing dodgeball. She is adorable! (She's the one in the middle of the frame).
Having fun outside! These are some of the students I teach. You can be praying for Sarah, the one standing on the left. She is from outside the village and is having a very difficult time in school because she does not understand much English. She is very sweet but I can tell she has gotten so frustrated.
This is the classroom where I teach Math and Language Arts for P-3 (Primary 3). In case you can't see, the floors are cement so these wooden desks and chairs make lots of noise. :) It is a small class of 10, so it is fun to be able to do more with them. Two of the missionaries' children are in this class. They get along very well with the other students. This picture gives you a good idea of how big the classroom is. We are blessed, though. In a normal Ugandan school, this room would be packed with children. It is unheard of to only have 10 students in the class!
This is Thomas. He was one of the first four boys here at the village. He is a very bright student, but, just like any boy, he enjoys being silly.

Here you see my entire P-3 class (third grade). My assistant is Sarah, and she is incredibly helpful to the new students. She constantly works with them, and if they cannot understand my English, she can say it again in English or Lugandan.
From Left to right, Back Row: Sarah (my assistant), Yoweri, Josiah, Thomas, Robert
Front Row: Sarah, Viola, Oliva, Bridget, Sharon (neither of whom are looking), and Keidi


Zaneeta said...

Thank you so much for posting pictures!
I enjoy reading your blog, thank you for doing it so often!! :)
I am praying for you and am so glad that you are enjoying Uganda!
Miss and Love you!!

Anonymous said...

I know uploading pictures can feel like a hassle when it takes so much time, but it is such a treat to get to see where you are working!! It looks like your students are a handful, but what fun :) Know that you are continually prayed for chica!

Zach said...

Those pictures are awesome! Thanks for putting them up. Your kids all look really cute.

Stephanie said...

How adorable!! It is so neat to be able to see all that you are surrounded with and the children! Thanks for taking the time to take the pictures and upload them for us! I love you and will continue to be praying for you! How beautiful it all is! I love you Drea so much! Stephanie :)

Eggman said...

Mike announced this morning you are missionary of the week for UPC. It's wonderful to see how God is using your life to touch others on the other side of the world. We remember you from teaching Travis' first/second grade Sunday school class a year or two ago. He's in third grade now. Meredith is in first grade (she'll be 7 on Valentine's day). And me, I'm just searching for what God would have me do when I grow up. 8) Please know that you're in our prayers. BTW, haven't been successful at searching for "andreadibart" on Skype. Could be operator error, though.
In Christ, Eglin, Travis and Meredith Ayson

Jonathan said...

How great! It is so awesome to see that you are having a great time. I love that you have kept up with your blog, I come home everyday checking, reading of your joys and blessings that the Lord has guided you to pursue. I love you Dre and congradulations! Glad all is going as great as it is! love you and keep posting! Your Cousin, Jonathan

Lindsey said...

every picture makes me wish i was there...

CHARLEEN said...

Hi Andrea,
I was so glad to see the photos of all the children you are teaching and the school class rooms, they all look so HAPPY!
I'm sure it is difficult for you to be away from your family and friends but I can see in the faces of the children they are so thankful you are there, where God has a specific plan for you. You are always in my prayers...keep smiling honey!
Thinking of you,
Charleen :-)

Lois said...

Since I’m so “technologically saavy”, I showed your two sets of pictures to my class on the smart board! They were very interested!! They noticed the uniforms, thought the school was really nice, said “Wow! THAT’S her yard?”, were surprised at the girls’ heads, read their names aloud, noticed the desks, wanted to know who all the white kids were :-) …and overall enjoyed looking at them!! :-) Thanks for sharing your part of the world with us!
Love you! Lois

Brandi said...

How precious are those pictures?!!! You are killing me!

Kiss those kiddos and cuddle them a lot for us!


Anonymous said...

We are enjoying your photos and comments on the blog. It is so great to be able to personalize the missionary experience for the boys. They are both very interested though Alex has never met you. Thanks so much for your dedication at keeping up with this! In Christ, Alison and the boys

Anonymous said...

Hi! We are excited to be your pen pals! We hope you have fun writing back and forth! Talk to you soon!

Miss Hornbeck's Third grade class :)