Saturday, March 22, 2008

Birthday Celebration

We celebrate birthdays three months at a time here. So, today was our celebration of January-March birthdays. The mamas decorate their tables and make crowns for each of their children that have a birthday during these months. The children all get a piece of birthday cake, and for those who have a birthday during these months, they get their own miniature birthday cake.
The dining hall all decorated.Rick - I think he wins "Best Smile."
Moses is on the left and he can melt your heart just by looking at you. Tendo is on the right - she is in P-2 and quite a bright little girl.
Bridget - with her crown, cake, and in all her glory.
Boaz - one of the new little guys. He was just loving the camera.
Little Peter is new to Rafiki and only 6 months old. He was very malnourished when he arrived and is finally starting to gain some weight. Look at those big eyes!
This is little Mercy. She is four months old and new to Rafiki as well. (Compare Peter to her and you will see the difference.)
Look at these girls dressed so cute and carrying some of the decorations their mama made.


Lindsay said...

This is so cute and it looks like you all had a lot of fun!! I am so proud of you and keeping up with your blog!! I love you sister and can't wait to see you!

Stephanie said...

What a blessing these little ones truly are! Like linds said, we are so proud of you in so many ways! Thank you Drea! I cant wait to see you! I love you lots!!

Brandi said...

What a special way to celebrate! It makes it easier to accomplish(with one every few months) but still SOOO special for each little one! I love it!