Sunday, May 18, 2008


I have killed thirteen of these invaders in the past two days. I am so thankful I am from Florida and used to these pests. However, no matter how many times I see them, they still gross me out. If this is my biggest complaint living in Africa, I know I am doing well. I am just thankful that we have beds here and I do not sleep on the floor - like so many in Uganda do. I am also thankful for my mosquito net and pray it keeps out more than just mosquitoes. The funny thing is we just had some more short-term people arrive to help with the medical clinic we will be doing in the next two weeks. I was trying to have everything clean for them before they arrived (a few are staying on the other side of my duplex) and kill all of these intruders. Five minutes before they came, I was wiping down the counters - proud of my hard work - and I found another roach in hiding. I sprayed it and tried to kill it with my shoe but it escaped into a hole. Of course, as I was showing them around the kitchen, this roach comes crawling out right in front of them. So much for not wanting to mention the roach problem!

As I said before, these creatures literally make my stomach turn. As I was cleaning yesterday, a thought occurred to me. My sin is worse than the thought of roaches in God's sight. It is disgusting and repulsive. I think next time I am tempted to think of my sin lightly, I will remember my unwanted house guests. I am so thankful for God's grace and mercy!


karin said...


Remember the roach at UPC that was crawling up your Chick-fil-A cup and Ruthie said you would see worse than this in Africa........

I feel itchy now. Thanks a lot!

Stephanie said...

YUCK!!! Well at least it is something you are kind of used to! Even thoug, like you said it does not make seeing them any better! I love you so much and love how you put everything into perspective! You are so wonderful and I cant wait to see you soon!!

CHARLEEN said...

NASTY little creatures, I agree, still your unselfish heart shows through, being is such a wonderful place...literally, figurativly, and spiritually. I admire your courage and strength.
Keep smiling I can see its contagious! Char

michael said...

Logically speaking, being afraid of roaches makes not sense at all. They are small little creatures that don't bite or contain venom, and are easy to squash.

Yet still, the thought of one of them crawling on me or touching me makes me want to vomit. Amazingly, despite providing no physical threat to my health, they are the critter that I think I fear the most.

I'd rather deal with a snake, a spider, a bear, a charging rhino, etc.