Monday, June 23, 2008

A Photo Tour of My Family's Visit

Our first picture all together. (Also in this picture, the two dental hygienists - Kristen and Lisa - and Carolyn Enis - the Childcare Director.)
Yes, I drove to pick them up! My mom did much better with me driving then I thought she would.
They really came! The Anderson Family made them a sweet "Welcome to Uganda" sign and posted it on the front door.
The whole crew - we were able to spend some great quality time together! I love them ALL so much!
We are heading to a potluck dinner with homemade pizza. Yum!
The dental crew: Lisa, Stephanie, my dad, and Kristen
plus three lovely P-2 students :)While they were here, my dad and Steph stayed busy with dental work. Here, I believe they had just taken out this little girl's decayed root tip. (Dad, correct me if I get the info wrong and I love the glasses :) ).
My dad after working on Stone.
While they were at the dental clinic, my mom, aunt, and Lindsay stayed busy helping me in the classroom. Thanks guys!
The kindergarten class that Teacher Sarah and I teach.
The day my aunt and I matched :)
One of the sweetest things to see was my dad playing with these precious little ones.
They loved him!

In front of the Rafiki gate right before we departed for the airport.
Come back soon! It's not that far!So many of the mamas and teachers told me what a kind family I had. They loved having them here. They kept thanking me for having such a sweet family (like I had anything to do with that) and for bringing them to Uganda. All of them wanted to know when they are coming back. I love you guys!


Jessica said...

I LOVE IT!!! Those pictures are GREAT! It was nice to see you in your new clothes too! It looks better on than in the store!!!!! Love you so much Dre! URMFAAWB!!!

Dad said...

Dre, As I told you in person, thank you so much for being in the center of God's will and accepting His calling. If it wasn't for you being there, I'm sure I would have never experienced Uganda, the kids, the culture nor would I have seen or experienced God in a way I never have before. My scripture passage for this trip became Ps. 21:6-7. I quoted it often while I was in the clinic doing the things I was uncomfortable doing.
Dre, I can't thank you enough for this experience. It was life changing! And you and your relationship with the kids is amazing. They truly are seeing Christ alive in your selflessness. I love you sooo much, Dad

Brandi said...

I'm COMING!!!!! Our trip is Oct 8-20, but most of the time we'll be in Ethiopia! We're coming to Uganda for at least 3 days, I think!

I'd love your help planning our trip if you are up for it. . we need research on orphanages that could use private funding. . email me!

Love ya and see you soon!

Stephanie said...

The pictures you posted are awesome!! I love seeing them, however it makes me wish I was back there! I miss you, the mamas, and the kids! What an amazing trip and experience it was for me! Thank you for following what God wants for you and being such an example to each of us! I love you and I am so thankful to have you as my sister, but also one of my bestest friends! (not sure if thats proper english, but who cares!!) Love always, steph

Mom said...

We had an incredible time being with you and seeing the work you are doing at the village. Your ministry to the children is wonderful and you are making such a difference in their lives! We had a great time meeting everyone and spending time with the children and mamas. This was an amazing trip for all of us! We are very proud of you! Glad you enjoyed the pictures! Thank you for the opportunity to visit Uganda! Everyone made us feel so welcome!
Much Love Always

Jonathan said...

Dre, these pictures are so great. i am so glad that you were able to share these amazing experiences. you all look like you had such a good time. I know that the foundation has been truly blessed to meet you, and have the amazing support from all of your family and friends. I am so happy that the lord led you to take part in this adventure. Talk to you soon. love you, Jonathan

Anonymous said...

What a blessing it is to see the whole DiBartolomeo family together! I know that they were blessed by having your parents, aunt and sister's there. I miss you friend!

Anonymous said...

Dear Andrea,
What fun pictures...what wonderful memories!! Much love, Nancy.

Anonymous said...

Andrea, great pictures. It truly brings the experience into focus. I talked to Nanc the other night and she just raved about the trip. The plane ride home was another looonnggg story. I could empathize as to feeling yuky @ 40,000 feet. Looking forward to more pics. Thanks also for the note to RUMC. I will share it on Sunday with my Crosstalk class. Till later my best. Uncle Rog