Saturday, August 2, 2008


For a week and a half over the school break, we did GAMES here at Rafiki. It stands for Games, Art, Music, Enrichment, and Sports. The kids had a great time, and we were very fortunate to have so many mini-missionaries here to help. In this first picture, you see them at the opening to the day's events. Our theme for the week was "One Body."
As part of the day, we did a reading club. The children tried to read as many books as they could and would earn a sticker each time they could successfully read and tell us what the book was about (for the older kids, they got a sticker for every chapter they read). I think they really enjoyed reading in this kind of environment.They also participated in some fun games. They still request to play some of the games they learned. Lizz is the one in the multi-colored skirt. She helped to organize GAMES and became a close friend to me. I am so thankful she came to Uganda this year.The children loved the different art activities they did. This is a one-eyed binocular (telescope?) they made to go on a Lion Hunt. Here you see Jesca. She is in P-1 (first grade) and one of the students I tutor. She is a joy to work with and so full of life! The lion hunt mural they all helped to color.On the last day, they performed some of the things they learned. Here you see the adorable three and four year olds attempting to sing "Jesus Loves the Little Children."

In the afternoon of the last day, there was a treasure hunt. One of the clues led them to my front gate. They absolutely loved it!


Jonathan said...

Hey Dre,
I'm so glad to see everything with you is okay, and that these mini-missionaries are there as friends and helpers. I'm happy that the 'GAMES' that you all participated in worked out well and that the kids are so happy to learn. Well I miss you so much more than you can imagine. This year, I have to drive myself to school, not having you and Jess there for love and support :-( But all is well here, just missing you. Miss you, love you and talk to you real soon.

Lindsay said...

Dre...i LOVE it!!! It looks like you had a lot of fun, you are so good and cute with them!! I love you so much sister!!

Anonymous said...

Andrea, It sounds like GAMES was really fun. I wish we could have been there. We are having fun in Washington. See you soon.

Love, Keidi

Stephanie said...

Glad GAMES went well and I hope getting back into the school schedule is going well! I miss you so much! Looks like the kids had a great time while they were off! Love you Love you love you!! Steph