Sunday, November 9, 2008

Highlights From This Week

In an attempt to incorporate more sports, we took these girls for a cross-country run (run/walk) in the local village. It was a 3-mile loop. Like most girls, they talked the entire time.
Mercy - what a hoot!Apparently every girl learns to talk on the phone at a young age. :)Jane (left) and Sumaya (right). If you still have my prayer card, you can see the difference in Jane. She is the third one from the bottom.They love having their picture taken!

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dad said...

Dre, Just looked at these videos again while at work, too cute!! But the thing that I liked the most was near the end when I heard your wonderful laugh. I miss it and you soo much but nice to see God bringing joy and laughter to you in Uganda. Much love, dad