Sunday, December 14, 2008


...That is what I am attributing my delinquency in updating this blog. School is ending for the year in this next week. Can I just say that I think it makes a lot more sense for a school year to go from January to December? What a great way to celebrate Christmas with the school year finished! So, I've been working on grading papers and doing report cards. Below you can see me with my second grade boys - man, are they hilarious but difficult to keep focused in a classroom. You can see a little of their personality in this picture. (Thanks, Erin, for taking this pic!)
As you can see, I've also been decorating for Christmas :) These were the cheap lights I bought in Kampala. You can't tell from the picture but only the red and yellow ones work, so much for blue and green :)
Some friends I met through a mutual friend of ours (Zach Swee) came out to visit for the night. They let me visit their ministry in October, so I was so happy to hear they wanted to stop by for a short visit. They have an adorable son!
One of the teachers I work with is pregnant! She is so ecstatic to be having a baby. I don't know if you can see her baby bump in this picture. She is so petite!
Me with two of my teacher friends. These are two of my favorites. They are hilarious! That's why I posted both pictures because I couldn't decide which one I liked better. In this one, you see Sarah's fun laugh (the one in the middle), but Cissy is cut off a bit. I'm excited because Cissy is getting married next weekend. I am hoping to attend her wedding. Hopefully, more pictures to come!


Lois said...

second grade boys...brings back memories, smiles and giggles!!! :-)

Stephanie said...

Great pictures! Can't believe the school year is almost over! Love, love, love you and cannot wait to see you! Enjoy your Christmas time in Uganda!! Love, stephanie