Thursday, June 24, 2010

Our Day at Rafiki

We spent most of today organizing the storage room for the Junior Secondary School (JSS). There was a lot to sort through and organize.

Two of the older Rafiki girls, Tendo and Eva, helped us clean out the JSS. They would giggle every time Jess called out "Teeennnddooo," "Evvaaa."
There are also two other mini-missionaries here from Chicago that helped organize. This is Michelle and Andrea putting the finishing touches on the storeroom.
After four and a half hours of cleaning, we went out and played with this family. We played volleyball and soccer with them. They were so cute! For those of you who remember....Moses is the little one in front with the red shirt and Isaac (Dimples) is in the completely orange shirt. What fun personalities they have!


Nancy Cox said...

How fun to see Tendo and Eva, Moses and Isaac...and for you all to have special time with them!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for keeping us up to date and for the pictures! Love it! Jill

cindy said...

Praying for you both today!! I know your "loveing footprints" will forever be found in Africa. love ya,cindy

Stephanie said...

Looks like you are keeping busy! Love all those smiling faces (yours included)! Thinking and praying for you often. love you sisters, Stephanie

Anonymous said...

Andrea and Jess, we spoke about you yesterday at Sunday School and have posted blog address. Awaiting latest update. Take care, Uncle, Rog