Sunday, July 18, 2010


On Saturday, we went to Jinja, which is the second largest city in Uganda. It is about 2 hours from where we are in Wakiso, Uganda. Once we got to town, we went about 3 miles north to see Bujagali Falls. The dirt roads are fairly hard to drive on, but when you are behind 2 semis, the sandstorm makes it even harder.
Bujagali Falls is beautiful! It's incredible to actually be right at the edge of the Nile River!!
In 2008, we rafted this part of the Nile River (below). While it was a once-in-a-lifetime experience, we enjoyed viewing the falls from the safety of the shore. After going to the falls, we went to some of the markets in town. We met Alice who taught us how they make paperbead necklaces. Here she is showing us how they roll the strips of paper around a needle to make the individual beads.Here is the final product!


Anonymous said...

God has given each of us so many talents. those paper beads are truely amazing and beautiful. What an experience rafting in the Nile. Did you see Crocks?
thanks you sharing all your experiences! Always praying for you! Cindy

Stephanie said...

So cool! Glad you all had a great and memorable trip to Jinja!! Enjoy tomorrow! Love you, Steph

Lois said...

I'm just now catching up on your last few entries...what a treat to spend Sunday with you and hear the girls sing, to see and hear the kids singing, to take a walk with you, and to hear of your trip to Jinja. Those beads are so cool! I realize you're coming back to the states soon....enjoy your last few days!