Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Seeing the Kids in a Different Light

This week was the start of the third term at the Rafiki School. We were asked to fill in as teachers for the remainder of our time here. Andrea is teaching first, second, third, and fourth grade language arts.

In the morning, Jess is helping in the three-year-old, four-year-old, and kindergarten classes. In the afternoon, she is teaching several different P.E. classes. 

Since yesterday was Jess' birthday, we had a surprise party for her after dinner. Our new South African friend, Cricket, helped pull it all off. She is a full-time missionary here in Uganda.
For her birthday, one of the missionaries got her a unique Ugandan gift. It was handmade by one of the mamas. It is something they put on their head in order to stabilize whatever they are carrying. That means just about EVERYTHING; we have even seen Ugandan women carrying couches on their head!! So, next time you are moving, Jess is ready to give it a try!!


Anonymous said...

Jess, Happy Birthday!! It sounds like you had the birthday to top all birthdays! Can't wait to see you gift in action.
love ya,

Carol :) said...

I wanna see Jess balance the bag of soccer balls. :)