Monday, January 7, 2008

The Countdown Begins....

Ten more days, and I will be on my way to a new country. So much will change this year! It is hard to know what to write in the days before I leave, but I have decided to simply share my heart and emotions with you. Just know, it is quite a roller coaster. But, I want to fully invite you on this journey and the best way to do that is to be real.

Today, I am overwhelmed. First, I am overwhelmed by God's incredible love for me and the way He has extended His love through my church. Yesterday, they prayed for and commissioned me during the services. It was such an encouraging time to feel the support and prayers from my
UPC family. I am also overwhelmed that God would choose to send me. Who am I and what do I have to offer? The answer is nothing, but God is so faithful in using weak people like me to carry out His eternal plan. It is truly a mystery! Lastly, and probably most obvious, I am overwhelmed by the details that need to be accomplished. Thanks for your prayers on this one!


Jessica said...

I love you friend! I'm so excited to be on this adventure with you! It's so hard to trust Him with my emotions about you leaving...but it's the right thing to do! Please know that I pray for you daily and I'm so excited for you! I can't wait to hear all the stories! URMFAAF! URMJ! IAST4U!!!

Vinnie said...

Wow, the fact that you're going to Africa still seems surreal. Well, thank you for including me in your journey. I pray God's best on such an amazing adventure, and know God is going to use this for His glory. You and your willingness to go to Africa is a great example to me of living the faith. You are in my prayers <><

Much Love,


Nancy said...

How privileged I am to know you and watch you depart for Africa -- my favorite continent. Thank you for blessing me with your time this fall. I'll be forever grateful.


lois said...

I know why God chose to send's easy. Remember Isaiah? He had no special talent (but you do)... then there was Jeremiah? He thought his age was a problem...(yours isn't :-) ) But really, its not that - not your age, not the talent God has given you. It's simple.... you love God deeply, you recognize His voice when He talks to you, and you're willing to say "yes, send me". XOXO

karin said...

Is it too late to ask you not to go? :-)

I love you.

I also love that you blog. 'atta girl.

Brandi said...

Yeah! I'm so excited for you! I found this website of missionaries in Kampala (it's ). We've been emailing back and forth and they seem like cool people!

I can't wait for your stories from Uganda!


Stephanie said...

I love you so much and it seems crazy that you are leaving in 1 week! I know God has awesome plans for you in Uganda and I cannot wait to hear how it is! I am praying for you continuously and that God will give you peace especially as you travel. I love you so much!

cara said...

miss.d we hope you make new friends.we hope you have fun in Uganda.we hope you have fun at the orphanage you teach at.we will keep praying for you.we are glad you got your luggage.we can't wait for more stories.weeee missss youuuu soooo muchhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!