Saturday, January 5, 2008

New Year's Resolution

Ok. So, I am not the best at keeping up with the blog world. But one of my New Year's resolutions - one that I intend to keep - is to blog more often. This will become a lot easier once I actually arrive in Uganda. I absolutely cannot wait to share stories and pictures with you! It is incredibly hard to believe that it is only 2 weeks away! Crazy!

While I prepare to go, I would covet your prayers. Please pray:
1. I would be diligent in my personal time with God.
2. I would allow Him to guide my steps in these last few days in FL.
3. For quality time with my friends and family.
4. For a renewed sense of joy and peace as I get ready to travel.
5. For quick bonding with the missionaries in Uganda and for a friend to confide in.

Thanks! And, please stay in touch. Comment when you can. I LOVE to hear from you all!

Happy New Year!


Lois said...

I'd love to leave a comment but I never know what to say, so...until I think of something cute, just know that I read your blog, and of course, will pray as you requested.... might even throw in a few details of my own!'s gonna be a crazy two weeks!!! :-)

Hana said...

I am praying for you Andrea. I was emotional in your commissioning this morning thinking of the impact you are going to make for the gospel!

Andrea said...

Lois, I know what you mean, but keep's always great to hear from you! And, it will be a crazy two weeks!

Hana, thanks for your much-needed prayers. I was emotional too!