Sunday, January 27, 2008

Keeping in Touch

Many people have asked how they can reach me here in Uganda. Thankfully, there are many ways. I will also post them off to the side of my blog, in case you come back later and forget. I love hearing from each of you. Thanks for reading and commenting!

  • Skype me: andreadibart
  • Call me: 011 256 772 700 557 (If you are able to find a cheap international phone card, the call from the US to my cell phone is free for me - all incoming calls are free here.)
  • Write me (old-fashioned style): My name, The Rafiki Foundation, P.O. Box 12714, Kampala, Uganda, EAST AFRICA
  • Visit me: I would love for you to come out here on a short-term missions trip. You are allowed to come whenever works best for you. All you have to do is go through a short weekend training which is near Orlando!! The dates for the training are February 8 and 9; April 11 and 12; May 2 and 3; May 30 and 31; October 3 and 4; and November 7 and 8.

I hope this helps for those who were wondering! I miss you all!


Lindsay said...

YAY!! Now i know the dates for the training and then I can come visit you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so excited! I miss you so much but I love you more than you can image! Smalls

Stephanie said...

Just like Smalls said, YAY!! I cant wait to plan a trip to come and see you and all that you are doing! The pictures are breathtaking and I cant wait to see it in person! I love you so much and it was good to chat with you! Hope you had a great Monday!! I love you, Stephanie

Jessica said...

BOOTS! I love you so much, you are doing such a great job blogging! IMMTS!! Hope you have a great night!

dad said...

Didn't want to miss out on the action since the rest of the family is blogging. As I've verbalized to you during our skyping and emails, you are my HERO!! Love and miss you so much but wouldn't have you any where else but in the center of God's palm. What a secure and blessed place to be. Talk to you soon, dad