Saturday, January 26, 2008

A Taste of My New Home

Well, here are some pictures from my home in Uganda. I have not explored around our village to take pictures. But, these are some pictures from my house. This should help to give you a flavor. Just so you know, this Rafiki village is truly like a resort compared to the surrounding areas (which I will have to capture some other time). This country is beautiful! My home is wonderful as well - it is bigger than my apartment in Florida! I've described each picture below the image.

This is the view from my front door. So gorgeous! The red roofs are three of the orphan cottages.This is the front of my house. I feel very safe. They have never had any problems with people breaking in, but to be cautious, they have us lock this gate you see in front of my door.
This is the view from the entrance.
Here is my living and dining room.
This is again from the entrance hallway. You can see the back door that is gated and my bedroom on the right.
This is my room with my princess bed - otherwise known as a mosquito net :)
This is the second bedroom.
This is the view from my backyard. The children play soccer on a field to the left. You can see a trail that one of the missionaries has cut to jog and walk on.
This is my neighbor's backyard and home.


Lois said...

WOW! It really IS beautiful there! Your "new home" is stunning! Not at all what I envisioned you living in... :-) Your obedience brings blessings!! The view is amazing! Thanks for the peek into your world! I love you!

a&b said...

Hi, Andrea! I just wanted to let you know that I am enjoying your blog so much. It is neat to hear of your experiences during your first week. Karin's been doing a good job keeping me updated also. :) Thanks for sharing this adventure that God has sent you on.

Beth Bouts

karin said...

Maybe it's just all the green and the red roof, but it reminds me of the place we stayed in Tuscany.

Stephanie said...

WOW! HOW BEAUTIFUL!! It is gorgeous there! Your home is so spacious and really seems nice. God has truly revealed Himself and answered so many prayers already. Enjoy the beauty! I love Drea! :)

Lindsey said...

It is so nice to see the place that you are. It seems so comfortable. What a lovely princess bed you have! :-)

Anonymous said...

Dear Andrea, Your pictures and comments are wonderful...thanks for sharing your world with us, Much love, your aunt, Nancy.

Dad said...

Great pictures Dre! I love you!

Rachel said...

oh man andrea, SO beautiful! SO jealous! i love your pics. they have made me homesick, haha. :) are you in that house by yourself? they really take care of you! glad you are having such a good time. looking forward to more updates and pictures of the town!

Anonymous said...

Your front garden is so beautiful! It reminds me of an English garden. I imagine you walking out your front door in the morning with the freshness of a new day, the sparkle of dew on the flowers. Knowing that your relationship with God is fresh and new every morning and sparkling with his love. Praying for you, Lynda W.

CHARLEEN said...

I am so pleased to know everything is falling into place for you, and what a beautuful place it is! God has blessed you and I know you will continue to bring his trusting word to all who will listen.
Have a beautiful day!
Charleen :-)

Brandi said...

What an adorable home!!! Love it! What a gorgeous view too. It makes me want to move to Uganda. . not that it took that much!

Love ya,

Jeremy said...

Wow, I wouldn't have even known that was Africa if I had just seen the photos by themselves. I look forward to reading about all of your adventures and the impact you are going to have on the lives of the people out there.

pd said...

hi andrea
i just quik visit your web and beautiful pictures and very nice place you got there enjoy it so much you can good luck