Sunday, February 10, 2008

A Touch of Home

Well, the weather this past week has made me feel like I never left Florida. Last Sunday was so hot that I came home from church so exhausted by the heat. Wednesday and Friday were extremely rainy days, and Friday it was about 68 degrees. I was so cold. I have been trying to figure out if this is the dry season or the rainy season. I have been told both. I do not think anyone knows the weather here in Uganda. So much like Florida! But, it's beautiful - I can't complain.

Probably the biggest touch of home was getting to see a good friend from Florida, Nicole. She is studying at a university here in Uganda for the semester, so we made plans to meet. I did not think it would happen so early in the year, but I am SO thankful it did! We went with another missionary family to a nearby resort to swim. It was a gorgeous place and a beautiful day (although we did get sunburned :) ). It was so refreshing to get outside the village for a bit, but mostly to catch up with a friend. She came to spend the night at my place and then went to church with me today. I loved it!
I am hoping we can do it again soon!
Nicole and I The resort's olympic-sized swimming pool.
Although not the greatest shot, this is a picture of Lake Victoria. It is so pretty!


Stephanie said...

Oh I am so thankful it worked out for you and Nicole! I am sure it was nice to have someone from home to spend time with. Your pictures are great! I hope you had a great weekend and tomorrow goes well. I love you so much and you are truly one of the most amazing people I know! love always, steph

Dad said...

Hey Dre, Just walked in from BSF retreat in Jax. Can't wait to share with you all God revealed. But first, I have to digest it. But in order to digest it, I have to review all my notes. But in order to review my notes, I have to wait for the hotel to Fed Ex my note book, bible and jacket that I left at the valet parking stand. You know how I'm always in a rush. So I was in such a rush to leave that I left it all there. Sounds like God really moved me to change, doesn't it?!!
Glad you and Nicole were able to hook up and get a little touch of home. I shared with the BSF guys how God specifically, and immeasurably more than we asked or could have ever imagined, answered our prayers last week. I am still in awe of God about that one. He truly cares and provides for all our needs, no matter how trivial we may think they are.
Praying for your new week that you would see God anew and afresh. That you would be excited each morning as you wait to see Him at work in you, through you and around you. And from this, you would see His glory as He illuminates you life.
You are more HERO. I love you, Dad

Jessica said...

I'm so glad you posted pictures of this weekend!!!! I'm so glad you two were able to get together, it was so fun to hear both of your voices! Stupid Ugs!!!!!! I'm so happy that you girls had a good time! Should packed some aloe..huh??? :) CW2CU!!! URTB!!!

Anonymous said...

Dear Andrea, So glad you and Nicole were able to get together!! I know it was a great time for you both!! Thanks for the pictures, too...Have a good Monday, Love, your aunt, Nancy.

dad said...

P.S. That was supposed to be "my" hero, not more. I'm sure you figured it out. luv u, Dad

Lois said...

Two of my favorite people...together in Uganda! Unbelievable! In my mind, I wondered if it would really work, while God was busy putting on the finishing touches of His plan for this weekend. I love seeing your smiles!! Your call made my day! Love, Lois

Nicole said...

Andrea, I had so much fun! I am so happy that it worked out for us to see each other. The weekend was so refreshing! And all of my friends were so jealou that I got a hot shower and was able to use a washing machine. those were a few of the first questions asked:) So thanks for sharing. Love you girl!

Jonathan said...

Hey Dre, so excited that you had an opportunity to meet with Nicole. I can't believe another holiday is passing (happy Valentines Day!)I still feel like our trip was yesterday. Gosh I realize me and your dad are a little more closely related than we already are, when i read that we both have the tendancy to loose things! lol. but I love you and I am glad to see that all is well. Love you and talk to you soon. Your loving cousin, Jonathan.