Friday, February 15, 2008

Isaac and Moses

Dimples. That is my name for little three-year-old Isaac. This week, I ate dinner with him and his family. He has four older sisters and one younger brother. The oldest, Shillah, I teach in my second grade language arts class. The others, I got to know this week. They were so fun to play with! We jumped rope, played dodgeball, and went on the swings. When I would push Isaac, he would get the cutest smile on his face, and his dimples would melt me. Baby Moses is only two, and he discovered that when he called "Teacher, teacher" I would come push him on the swings. He thought it was the funniest thing, so I heard it often.

It is such a privilege to see, firsthand, how these lives are being changed. I was told that when Moses' picture was taken just a few months ago, before he was brought to Rafiki, he had a permanent scowl on his face. He was described as looking as if he was mad at the world, and it didn't look like that would ever change. Now, his smile and laughter lights up a room. He runs to play with his siblings and is bonding to his new mama. It is so cool to watch.

In just a week and a half, we are supposed to receive nine new orphans to our village. I will be interested to see their transition to their new home. If you think of it, pray for their safety, health, and adjustment. I look forward to letting you know how they are doing!


Anonymous said...

Dear Andrea, I love the way you write...your blogs are so interesting!! Thanks for sharing!! The love and care you have for the children is so evident...Much love to you, your aunt, Nancy.

loismchargue said...

Dimples!! What a name! I can just imagine a face to go with it!! And Moses sounds like a beautiful example of the difference that love and care can make in a child...and you have the privilege to have a part in all of this.... :-)
Love you!

Noe said...

Wow, that was really touching! Can't wait to hear how the new orphans go and adjust!