Saturday, February 16, 2008

Boy, Oh Boy!

It is amazing how your mindset changes. I used to think a family of six was large. These days, a family of six is small. Most of the mamas here have eight to ten kids. The family that I wrote about in my last post only had six kids. I was honestly sitting at dinner thinking "Wow, this is a small family." Then, I started counting and realized there were still 6 kids! The picture below is one of the all-boy cottages. This mom is so brave! I teach six of these ten boys.Front to Back: Yoweri, Stone, Sam, Willson, Samuel, Kato, Rick, Martin, Dan, Derrick

Yoweri is in my third grade class. I really enjoy him. He is so inquistive and is not afraid to ask if he hears a word he does not know.

Sam, Willson, Kato, Rick, and Martin are all in my second grade class. Can you imagine being in a class with that many of your siblings? They are fun boys (although very silly at times). I think Rick has the best smile. He and his biological sister look so much alike! I tutor Kato. He is easily distracted, as you can see from the picture. He truly needs God's help in spelling, but this week he made a 90% (Praise the Lord!).


Zach said...

Andrea, it is so cool to hear you talk about your kids. It's so clear how much you care about them, and that is so huge.

Jessica said...

Affirmation...huh?!?!? I LOVE you! I LOVE this post! I love when you include pictures too! It is SO great to see and hear about your life there! you know it?!?!? URTOHOMH!!! LUAAF....~YTS

Lisette said...

I finally got caught up reading your blogs. It is so awesome to see all that you are doing there! God is using you in those kids lives more than you will ever know. They are experiencing the love of Jesus through you! Know that we pray for you and miss you.

loismchargue said...

Thanks for the faces of these precious boys - boys that God will use to change their worlds!! This entry made me think to pray for the "moms" who give their hearts and lives to this next generation. Do they have kids of their own? If so, do they live with them there at the village? How many moms are in the village? I can pray for them, as well. (I think I asked too many questions for a blog comment...guess I should email..... )

Anonymous said...


I have been catching up by reading your blog today. The pictures are wonderful and it sounds like you are adjusting well. I did appriciate your culture-shock/things-to-get-used-to entry. The "yes teacher, no" answers would completely throw me.

We have missed you in BSF, especially at our new perminant home church. The room we meet in is huge, so when the group is small it feels REALLY small.

Praying for you and your Students.

~ Kara

Stephanie said...

DREA!!! I love you so much and guess what, mom and dad got plane tickets!! YEAH:) I am so excited to see you and all the children you get to teach everyday. They truly have been blessed to have you in their lives. I love you! Stephanie

Cara said...

hi,i miss you SOOOOO much.I'm sure you are having fun.I really miss you!:) I enjoy going on line and reading your stories.