Monday, February 25, 2008

Your Prayers Are Appreciated

You may recognize this sweet face from my prayer card. Her picture was one of the ones on the right-hand side of the card. Her name is Jane, and she is a precious little girl. Since she has arrived here in December, she has struggled with her physical health. She goes through bouts of flu-like symptoms for a couple of days and then gets better. Thank goodness, sickle cell anemia was ruled out last week. She is doing much better this week. Please continue to pray for her health as well as the overall health of the village - we have been fighting off various germs.

In addition, tomorrow will be a buzz around here. We will receive nine new orphans. It is such an exciting time! Please pray that they will make a smooth transition and bond quickly to their new mamas and families. I look forward to giving you reports on these new ones God has graciously brought to us.


Stephanie said...

Oh she is a cutie!! I will be praying for the little ones that are arriving, as well as the rest of your requests! Thanks for keeping us updated! You are the greatest and I love you so much!

Anonymous said...

Will be praying for little Jane and all of your new arrivals. It sounds like you will have a extra busy couple of weeks a head of you. May God's strength sustain you.

Please keep updating ~ my heart looks forward to each post. God has given you such an amazing mission to work with His little ones. We just learned about the importance of "accepting the little ones" this week in Matthew 18.

~ Kara

CHARLEEN said...

Hi Andrea,
I was just sitting here reading your blog and I realized how much I take for granted. Don't hear me wrong, I appreciate everything I have been blessed with, family, friends, a wonderful place to work, but I'm thinking about the children that are arriving at the orphanage and how your dad shared that they were so sad and crying because they had to leave the only life that they knew, and not knowing what the future held for them. I am so thankful for your selflessness and commitment to making their lives better and more fulfilled with your guidance and bringing the Lord Jesus Christ into to their lives.
Thinking about and praying for you,