Friday, March 28, 2008


I am amazed by the commitment of these students. It humbles me. Yesterday, it rained for more than 24 hours. I was hoping it would stop an hour or so before school started because some of the day students walk a long distance to come. But, it didn't - it was a steady rain all morning. And, out of 44 students from outside of the village, only 4 did not show up. They had no umbrellas; some came without jackets. They were soaking wet when they arrived; some muddy from the roads. I am just amazed by their dedication to school. We take so much for granted in America!

Speaking of the rain, it has caused our wireless internet to be working only sporadically. So, please be patient with me and keep the emails coming. I love to hear from each and every one of you! If I have not responded, it is only due to my access to the internet. As well, this weekend, I will be going on a safari with Jenae and another missionary, so I will not be at my computer. However, I promise to give you an update when I get back. Pray for safe travels. Thanks for your commitment to staying updated!


Lindsey said...

enjoy your safari :-) no rain!

Stephanie said...

After reading this it does make me realize how much I take for granted. Thanks for helping me see the reality in it all! I hope you have a great time on your safari and I cannot wait to hear all about! I will be praying for you! I love you always, steph

Brandi said...

ooooh, have fun! I can't wait to hear about the safari!