Friday, May 23, 2008

Little Moments Like This

It's little moments like the one I had today that remind me of the joy I have in serving here. This past week in kindergarten, we have been talking about helpers. Each day, we have had a different helper from our village come in and speak to our class about what they do. Today, our village director came in, shared about his work, and showed a short slideshow of the kids that he might show to supporters who want to know about the work here. The kids got a kick out of seeing themselves and their friends on the screen. It was so cute and even brought me to tears. Here are two of the pictures that were in the slideshow. This is the before and after picture of Chloe - one of my kindergarten students.

She melted my heart when she came up to me after class, hugged me, and whispered, "I love you so much." I am so thankful to be here!


Dad said...

Dre, Heart warming post. Thanks for sharing your heart and being a humble servant. What's the time difference between the 2 pictures of Chloe? It doesn't even look like the same young person. I know I'm your father, so I am totally unbiased > you are so good at what you do!! It's obvious to the teachers you work with, your superiors, the parents and guardians. But most of all, you can see it in your relationship with "your" kids. Not only do you help them succeed scholastically, but you nurture them emotionally and grow them spiritually. You are so gifted as you model true, Christ-like, agape love. And, "OH MY", look at how they respond. I love you so much and can't wait to wrap my arms around you soon. I love you, Dad

Anonymous said...

Dear Andrea,
This makes me get teary too!! I am so glad they have you to love and care for them...God bless you, see you soon!! Much love, your aunt Nancy.

Stephanie said...

How precious she is! I can only imagine that moments like these reassure you that this is where you are suppose to be right now! I love you always!