Sunday, May 25, 2008

Trip to Jinja

Two weeks ago - right before Jenae left - we went on a trip with Mike and Carolyn to Jinja. It was so fun! The pictures kind of document what we did. On the way there, we stopped and got a Rolex - much different than what you are thinking. In Uganda, a Rolex is an egg wrapped in a chapati. I think it is their version of a McDonald's Egg McMuffin - except I thought the Rolex was better. It was my first "fast food" in Uganda. Then, we stopped at Rafiki's satellite village in Mukono. This is Mike and Carolyn in front of one of the newly-constructed cottages.
Once we arrived in Jinja, we went on a boat ride to the source of the Nile. It was a little less exciting than I thought it was going to be. The stone marker behind Jenae and me is supposed to signify the beginning of the Nile. I did not realize that Lake Victoria feeds into the Nile.
There is a spring that comes up from below the ground that they say is the source of the Nile. Jenae and I touched the source with our very own feet!After visiting the source of the Nile, we had lunch at a Mexican restaurant owned by an Indian man who is married to an American woman, and they live in Uganda. Pretty crazy! However, it was fun to have fajitas and tacos, and they tasted good. Here, I am holding the owner's week-old baby, Jag. He was precious! (This couple also directs Amani Baby Cottage in Jinja).While in Jinja, we were also able to visit Bujagali Falls - one of the falls we rafted down just a month before. You can see the raging rapids behind us.
Our last stop was a restaurant to have cake, ice cream, and African tea (one of my favorites) to celebrate my birthday. This place had an amazing view - you can slightly see Lake Victoria through the trees. We had such a fun time!


Jessica said...

SO great to see pictures from that trip!! They are great! So crazy how that rapid looks from that's so different when we were in the raft! Thank God for TuTu!!! Love you VERY much Dre! Miss you like crazy!

TZ said...

Hello, I'm TZ, I'm from Malaysia. I happened to get your blog from Google search.

I will be leaving Uganda for a 20 months project in Mid of June. Will be base in Kampala. Since this is my first time to go to African country... I had done some reading on Uganda and your blog has helped me to understand more about Uganda in another perspective... :->

CHARLEEN said...

Such a beautiful place, I am so thankful for your ministry and the happiness you spread. Some infectious things can be good. Its obvious that you have made so many children happy and touched many hearts, mine included.
Keep smiling you look beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Hey Andrea,
It is Ashley Potter. I was just thinking about you. hope you are having fun. Im glad youre able to do God's work. Ill be sure to catch my grandpa up when I see him tonight. I know hell be so happy to hear. Ok well cant wait to hear what happens next.

Stephanie said...

Great post Drea! I love all the pictures and look as beautiful as ever! Only 9 more days.YEAH! What an awesome thing that couple is doing for the orpans in Jinja. Their website is neat! I love you!

Cara said...

Miss D,

I love the pictures. I had no idea it was so beautiful there. School is out for me and yeah..Summer is here. I miss you very much.

Cara Ganoudis

Lydia Pierce said...

Hi Andrea: I have been wanting to write to you for several months, can you believe I just learned how to do it. I just said good-bye to your family as they leave for what I know will be a blessed trip to see you and the work you do. I love reading all about your life with these precious children and all the adventures you are having. I bless you for your work. Your picture remains on our refrig and we think about you and pray for you each day. Have a wonderful time with your family. As I hugged your sisters I told them they were in for a wonderful experience and would see God's world in a new and different way. I will never forget our time in Africa. If I were your age now I might be joining you. Have a great two weeks with your family. God Bless you everyday. We praise you. Love, Lydia