Sunday, June 8, 2008

Time Flies

I cannot believe it has already been five months in Africa! I can remember the day I left like it was yesterday. I have definitely only had confirmation that this is where God wanted me this year. Teaching has been a big responsibility but lots of fun! It keeps me busy constantly. In just three weeks, our second term will be complete and the school year will be half over. Below are some pictures from my second grade class.

In reading, each student is working to pass a certain level. When they do, they receive an award like the one I am giving here to Rick. He's going to be a good-looking young man.
I am giving another reading award to Diana.
May 20th-29th we had a community medical clinic where the locals could come receive free medical care. (If you are in the medical field and are interested in helping with one of these, please let me know.) My students wrote some verses and notes to give out to waiting patients. They were excited to do this until we got there; then, some of them became nervous - as evidenced by the one running away after he handed out his notes. :) Our hope is that through the clinic they would understand how much God cares for them and that He is the healer.
The second grade class and I after handing out the letters. You can see the clinic in the background to the left.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Andrea,
It was great meeting your P-2 class and getting to know the students!! What a wonderful project to do for the waiting patients!! You are truly one of the most gifted teachers I know, what a blessing it was to watch you teach and see the love and care you have for each of your students...Much love, Nancy.