Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas - from a different perspective

This was definitely a memorable Christmas! It was hard to believe it was really Christmas - it was such a busy day - but it was filled with lots of fun! It started on Christmas Eve day with the families cutting down the Christmas tree they wanted. I was surprised at the small trees they chose.Flavia was so cute. She LOVES her big sister Eva!

Christmas Day was very full. Here was our schedule:
7am - breakfast
8am - church service
9-11am - visit the houses to wish them a Merry Christmas
and let Maggie say good-bye to the children
12pm - Ugandan Christmas lunch
1pm - clean up from lunch
3:30 - start cooking dinner because the cooks had the rest of the day off
6pm - serve dinner
6:30 - clean up from dinner
This is Mama Christine and Peace peeling matooke for lunch.

Maggie with Mama Alice's family. Notice the tree: it has balloons and cottons balls (to represent snow).

Only mzungus would serve coke, cake, and grilled cheese for dinner - an all-American meal :)
December 25th is all centered around celebrating Jesus' birth. Even the coke and cake is in celebration of His birthday. December 26th is Boxing Day - the day they open all of their gifts. As you can see, some of their gifts included baseball caps and non-prescription eyeglasses. Too cute!


Anonymous said...

Molly is SO cute! I love these pictures!!

Stephanie said...

Christmas in Uganda! How cool!! Love the pictures and so thankful you made it home safely from the safari!!