Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Lions and Topi and Buffalo, Oh My!

My last hurrah here in Uganda was to go on a safari in search of tree-climbing lions. We stayed in a tent camp near the river. It was beautiful! I was reminded once again of my God-given love of nature. I LOVE being outdoors and taking in the sights and sounds of God's wonderful creation. Enjoy these pictures, and if you want to see a lot more, click here.


orangejack said...

too cool! i really want to go do a safari again. it's one of my all-time highlights.

Lois said...

Amazing pictures!! I checked them all out! Amazing animals!! Such memories....

The Oviedo chickens will seem so.....mundane.... :-)

Love you!

Brandi said...

Those pictures are amazing! I am sitting here with Allie and Mitchell Goff looking at them. Allis is working on convincing her parents to let her come to Uganda with me in April!

We all love you

Anonymous said...

Dear Andrea,
What great pictures and it looks like a fun time!! So glad you and Joann were able to go!! Those lions are a riot!! Much love, Nancy.