Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!

Ringing in the new year looked much different this year than last. Last year, I was freezing cold in Times Square waiting for the infamous ball to drop. This year, I was in short sleeves around a bonfire, where Christmas trees burned and balloons popped. Last year, I was with family and friends. This year, I was with a group of people who have become my "family," including 95 precious African orphans. Last year, I was anxiously anticipating my departure for Uganda. This year, I am preparing for my bittersweet departure from Uganda. It has been an unforgettable year and I have certainly been forever changed.

The day's events included my P-3 class coming over for an afternoon snack of hot chocolate, marshmallows, and cookies. This was thanks to their amazing pen pals in Mrs. Ross' class. Thank you so much! At 6:00, we had a bonfire (enjoy the video.) Afterwards, some of the missionaries played games together. It was a fun day!The P-3 students enjoying their hot chocolate and Florida snowflakes.

One of the boys had seen one of my pictures with friends that was like this one. He didn't understand how it was done, so we tried it - so cute!

Enjoy this fun video!


Lois said...

I actually thought of you as we watched that ball drop again!! What a year.... X O

Stephanie said...

What adorable pictures and the video was fun to watch! I love you and happy you were able to experience New Years Ugandan style!! SEE YOU SOON, Steph

Anonymous said...

What an incredible year it has been for you!! We, too, have benefited and been enriched by your experience there!! Thanks for opening our hearts to a whole new world!! Much love always, Nancy.

Lindsey said...

look at you, ms. blogger!! i love all the fun things you're experencing and i love that i can read about them and see the pictues!