Wednesday, June 9, 2010


  • By all of the logistics of the trip, like how to stuff everything into the suitcases....praying they will not be overweight.
  • By how quickly time flies and how soon our departure date is approaching. Yikes!
  • By the incredible generosity of so many people who donated much-needed supplies for the Rafiki Village!! Thank you!
  • By my wonderful family. I'm so grateful they were able to visit Rafiki when I was there last time and wish they could be joining me this time!
  • By the way our incredible God works and the way He has provided money for our trip!!
  • By God's grace and patience with me as He continues to refine me.
  • By the power we have in the Holy Spirit. (I just read Fresh Wind, Fresh Fire and am challenged to say the least.)
  • By the love and joy I feel as I think about reconnecting with the kids I taught and the amazing people I worked with!
  • By the insurmountable need in our world and what my role is in that.
  • By our infinite God!!!


drh said...

Airport folks are sometimes forgiving when they know your luggage is full of supplies for Africa. If the weight ends up close, you might mention that.

Nancy Cox said...

Andrea, I will be praying for you...have an amazing time!! So glad you and Jess are able to experience this together!! Much love and blessing, Nancy.