Thursday, June 17, 2010

They Have the Same Sweet Smiles and Joyful Spirits!

Even though we only had eleven hours, we had so much fun in London! We tried to make the most of every minute. We first took the Tube (the underground transportation) to White Hart 
Lane, which is the home field of the Tottenham Hotspurs. Even though the stadium is closed on Tuesdays, we got a private tour of the stadium (because Jess' great uncle - Arthur Rowe - played for, coached, and managed them). They rolled out the red carpet for us because of what Arthur Rowe had done for their club. We saw the locker rooms; director's box; $20,000 dollar collector's book with Arthur Rowe in it; and, of course, the stadium. After the tour, we spent almost an hour looking for food, but we couldn't believe we ended up at McDonald's! We took the Tube again into London Central. 
We saw Westminster
 Abbey, Big Ben, the London Eye, and the  Thames River. It was a beautiful day with about mid-60 degree weather! It was refreshing coming from the Florida heat! Then, we headed back to the airport to get ready for our flight to Uganda. 

We arrived in Uganda at 7:45 am yesterday morning. It was surreal coming back and almost seemed as if no time had passed. It wasn't until we saw the children that we realized the amount of time that has passed. They look so much older and taller, but have the same sweet smiles and joyful spirits. This morning, we played soccer with the girls. They are preparing for a sports competition with other schools, which will take place tomorrow. It's been a great couple of days so far! we type, we are listening to the World Cup on the Ugandan radio station!!! 


Stephanie said...

YEAH!!! I am so glad you all made it safely and have enjoyed your time so far! It must be so refreshing to be back at your second home. I bet everyone there was excited to see you both. Enjoy the time with everyone there! I LOVE YOU BOTH SO MUCH :)

Mom said...

Andrea and Jess,
I'm so glad everything is going so well for you all! Tell everyone there hello for us and enjoy every moment! Take lots of pictures!!
Much love to both of you!

Nancy Cox said...

Andrea and Jess,
So glad you have arrived there safe and sound!! How fun to hear the excitement in your sharing!! We look forward to each and every update...hello to everyone there...Much love, Nancy.

Elizabeth said...

Yep, jealousy raising with every post I read. Now at 58%. I haven’t read anything about Samuel, don’t keep me in suspense. Glad you are there, praying God gives you surprises and special sightings of His Spirit.

Lois said...

So good to read your blogs!! This is the first time I'm reading.... Man, I'm glad you explained the color thing...purple and black and green....for a minute I read the soccer one (before you left) and thought, MAN, Jess is really rubbing off on Andrea if Andrea now has a favorite soccer team!!! tee hee....THEN I read the information on the side bar....
So glad you made it safely and had fun on the way....Praying for you and the people you touch!!
Love, Lo