Saturday, October 11, 2008

Lessons from Little Ones

This week some of our children had to get immunizations. As I sat with them in the clinic, they sang so many hymns and songs they’ve learned in school. It was so cute! I think the most precious thing was hearing them whimper as they got their shot, walk out with tears in their eyes, and then start singing a worship song to Jesus. What a testimony these kids are to me!

We have been studying the Psalms recently. No matter what troubles David was facing, he always focused his attention on who God is. I am learning, just as David did and these young children I work with, to praise God in every circumstance. No matter what I “feel” like or what situations arise, my desire is to praise the Lord of heaven and earth who knows so much better than me and loves me more than I could ever imagine!


Stephanie said...

What a great perspective! I love all your posts! Glad everything is going well and I love you so much! Steph

Anonymous said...

Dear Andrea,
I SO look forward to EACH of your blogs...they are SO inspiring and thought provoking!! You have such wonderful insights...thanks for sharing!! God bless you, Much love, your aunt Nancy.

lindsay said... write the best blogs and i love hearing about your time there. i miss you like crazy though so come home!!! i love you so much!!